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The Economist magazines guide to Tokyo

After reading the Economist magazines guide to Tokyo restaurants, read their guide to eating and drinking in Tokyo.

Check out the Sony Bldg in Ginza. It's a showcase of 5 floors worth of new and current gadgets and gizmos. It's free and a blast.

10 things to do for free in Tokyo

just in cover art by wilson kello Just In Tokyo is a cheap, handy, printed guide to Tokyo. Since the print edition is no longer available, the author has released the September 2002 version as a creative commons pdf: download 750k pdf. Most of the material is about adjusting to Japan rather than specific restaurant or hotel information.

Another list of free things to do in Tokyo by

Rich Pav does some podcasting on Japan from his blog: Herro flom Japan.

Wikipedia Japan entry

CIA Factbook Japan entry

pictures by Neil Martin

Things to see in Japan