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Central Europe
 Prague, Czech Republic
 Cracow, Poland
 Ljubljana, Slovenia
 Budapest, Hungary
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  Mountain Biking in France
 Germany (Augbsurg & Munich)
  Mountain Biking in Germany
 Italy (Vicenza & Brindisi)
  Mountain Biking in Italy
  Mountain Biking in the UK
the Americas
   Moab, Utah 
   Denver, Colorado
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Spartan information on cities that i may know a little

Or maybe I was just there once, and really don't know much

This is just a place for me to store info that I get from travelling. I will try and include info on restaurants that I like and city and subway maps. Maybe in a couple of years, this could end up helping people, but maybe by then, half the info will be out of date:) I also throw in info from various sources, that sounds like it might be interesting to me in my future travels. That way if I hear about a restaurant I'd like to check out in Minsk, and happen to be there a couple of years later, I'll know exactly where to look!

Even though i'm not even close to finishing any of the content here, i'm already thinking about where else i could be going!

Get subway maps for the whole world at one of these two sites:
The Subway Page is one persons page and is very thorough, clean, and easy to use. I just don't trust nice sites with .edu to be around forever.
The Subway Navigator is also very complete, but is much more professional. I don't like it as much because it's bloated, takes longer to load, and feels a little overproduced.