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What's New:

(my running work list)

I've been trying to update this site for a long time, but have been too busy. I'm finally getting to it! The pages that have been updated are:



I moved the map store and the mountain biking content to a new site: 2Pedal Mountain Biking

What's New:

(my running work list)
August 10: After wallowing over a big new change to the look of the site, i finally got the map store live. It's my first foray into database backed design, and it's so great, i can't believe i hadn't started learning this stuff earlier!


I've been working on a huge update, so i haven't been posting to this new pages list. It will begin with information on all 50 US states and the whole site will slowly change to the new version.
December 22: I created a page for the Iran after seeing a picture (in Kevin Kelly's Cool Tools articles) of an ancient walled city in Iran.
July 19: I created a page for the United Arab Emirates after reading an excellent article on Dubai.
I recently had a dream about visiting Japan, a country that I was obsessed with as a child. Maybe next year?
February 24: I had to begin a travel page for Spain after finding out about the lecool guide.
February 18: Isabelle created Swahili content for the site.
January 3: Changed all single-serving file extensions from .html to .php. This will help get the site more consistent and allow me to make the site better with dynamic content.


December 26: The beginnings of an Argentina page have long been a need. It will slowly grow to include much more.
November 11: I just came back from Portland, and created a Portland page, a Where to Eat in Portland page, and an Oregon Mountain bike page.
November 1: Please don't hate me! I have inserted Google's text ads into some of my pages, and will do more if it seems to work well. Just think: It'll help make the site better!
November 1: I created a page on the Czech Greenway starting with content from a National Geographic article.
October 31: I finished updating a full, 8-section Spanish language and grammar online course. It's packed with good info.
October 25: I did a big update and added a lot of info to the Arizona mountain bike trail page.
September 28: The Romanian phrase booklet is finally up in a fairly advanced first draft form on the Romanian page.
September 18: Created a nearly blank English language page, for future growth.
July 6: Set up a small online map and trail guide store, that will hopefully grow into something great.
June 29: Started a simple Japanese Language page.
June 29: Started a simple Korean Language and Hangul alphabet page.
June 24: Created a Idaho mountain biking page.
June 21: Created a Florida mountain biking page.


December 22: I added sparse pages for Bosnia, Chamorro, and Arabic. They don't have much now, but will slowly grow!
November 22: Free T-shirts to sites that link to single-serving.
November 18: Added a page-ranking indicator to the About page.
November 2: Moldavian info provided by Teodor.
March 22: Ly has done most of the work for the Brazilian Portuguese booklet.
March 18: Printable Nadsat Dictionary for "A Clockwork Orange".
January 14: My Fat Tire Festival schedule is now probably the most complete listing available anywhere.
January 7: Began adding amazon.co.uk links to make my site less US-centric. The first was the Afrikaans page.


December 24: The T shirt is finally ready.
December 13: I finished a huge restructure/update.
December 13: All of the Russian pages now have both Cyrillic and transliterated Latin alphabet spellings.
December 11: The Slickrock Trail and Porcupine Rim Trail pages have finally been finished and cleaned up. (but the maps are still beta.)
December 4: I finally finished the Where to Eat in Fruita page.
November 20: I just started a travel stories page.
November 18:We recently completed the White Rim trail, and I have added some information there, but plan on adding more later.
November 10:I finished a cursory Panama page with a good printable map.
October 28:I moved the old Archorn page to Luftlmalerei page. However, it's still just in it's infancy.
October 23:I added a navigation menu to the Where to eat in Denver page.
September 4: I just started a maps page.
August 24: Debbie and her husband graciously completed the Afrikaans phrase guide.
August 24: Ben has done most of the work for the Danish booklet, thanks Ben!
July 12: Slovene booklet final edit and proofread
May 4: this page (what's new archive)
May 1: began recording Flatland
April 29: map of Fruita
April 29: Fruita, CO
April 14: Moab plants and animals
January 6: Kosovo soldiers language guide
January 2: Constructed human languages page begun


December 22: Esperanto Links added
November 1: French audio complete
October 18: Polish and Czech pages
October 13: recorded Czech and Polish


  I don't have detailed records of what i did in 2000. It was a rough year for me anyway, so it's not a big loss. Hungarian was the second language recorded, and German was the second booklet made.


December: I recorded Simona (Italian) outdoors in Brindisi. This was the first recording for the site.
November 29: I completely started over, and created the new site that was (at least graphically) the basis for what I have now.
August 8: The first protoype site is up, with no real content.
August 4: I registered www.single-serving.com