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I've just put up this page with a a couple of phrases, and a couple of links. It will be some time before I figure out how I'm going to incorporate Asian languages into this site. I'm still struggling with Russian as my first non-Latin alphabet language.

New alphabets keep cropping up. Some are invented for practical reasons, and some just for fun. About 500 years ago, Korean was written using Chinese characters. But King Sejong of Korea (1397-1450) wanted more of his people to be able to read. He invented a 24-letter alphabet still used today.

Links:'s Korean page
Join a Korean meet-up
Incredible article on Inventing The Han'gul Script
More information on Hangul, the alphabet created by a king.
DVDs in Korean from
Korean study books and lessons from

My name is__________.
I'm staying at__________.
Where can I change money?
Where is there a bank?
Where is there a subway station?
How much is the fare?
Where can I buy a ticket?
Where is the bus terminal?
Where can I get a taxi?
How much do I owe you?
Take me to the airport.
Take me to the hotel.

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