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Buy the Berlitz Romanian Phrase Book & Dictionary. Berlitz phrase guides are very complete and organized into sections that are color-coded for easy reference.
Buy the Berlitz Romanian Phrase Book with cassette. The phrase book along with a 90-mimute cassette. I highly recommend hearing natives speak and trying to immitate the way that they pronounce. It's the best way to work on your pronunciation, and helps immensly with how they will comprehend you.



A first draft of the bookletUS letter size acrobat booklet is done, but still needs proofreading. I created the booklet with the gracious help of Iulia in Warsaw, who has translated the phrases and words, and Nico in Denver, who helped me decipher all of the diacritical marks that were lost in the word document translation. Thanks to both of you!

The alphabet is almost complete (and without audio), and the rest of the site won't be ready anytime soon.

I am looking for a native speaker of Romanian to help me proofread the booklet and to record. You must speak a reasonably dialect free Romanian. Sex and age are not important, but you must be able to speak loudly and clearly without impediments. If you are interested, please e-mail me at, thanks! I'm in Denver right now, but travel is possible.

Romanian is a part of the East-Romance branch of the Romance language family. There are four main dialects:

What most call Romanian is the Dacoromanian dialect. It is spoken throughout Romania and Moldova, where it is known as Moldovan. There are around 19 million speakers in Romania, and millions more in parts of Serbia and Montenegro, Slovenia, Bosnia, Macedonia, Bulgaria, and Hungary. The dialect is surprisingly consistent throughout Romanian speaking areas, with almost no variations, despite being unified only in modern times. The first recorded use of Dacoromanian is 1521.
There are over 100,000 speakers of Aromunian spread out in various Balkan countries. The first recorded use of Aromunian is an 1731.
Meglenoromanian speakers number in the thousands, and are found in Greece, northwest of Thessaloniki. Meglenoromanian is sometimes considered a language, rather than a dialect of Romanian.
Istroromanian has the least amount of speakers, and is also sometimes considered a language, rather than a dialect. Speakers are found only in the Istria peninsula of Croatia. Istroromanian is related to Friulian, the Romansch dialect of the Italian Alps. For more information on this interesting dialect, read the Istro-Romanian page of the Endangered Languages website.

Romanian has kept elements of Latin, that other Romance languages have lost. Romanian has picked up a lot of words from Slavik languages, Greek, Turkish, and Albanian. For more information on the language, check out the Wikipedia Romanian Language entry.

Check out this Dutch traveller's site Romania language page, and Romanian Links page.

An English-Romanian Dictionary of Equivalent Proverbs
English-Romanian Dictionary for Windows, not an on-line dictionary.
Check out In Your Pocket, Romania guides. They have guides for Bucharest and Transylvania. Their guides are always up-to-date, and quite complete, plus they're cheap. If you don't order one beforehand, they are available at most kiosks in Bucharest. They also have a Romanian language guide.
I just found some pretty swell looking Online Romanian lessons.

Free Romanian Textbook

Don't go to the Alternative Romanian Dictionary unless you want to learn the bad side of the Romanian language.

I love you. = Te iubesc.

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