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Created By: Anthony Burgess
Created in: 1962
Number of words: 250+
Number of speakers: 0
The Nadsat language is English, with a heavy dose of Russian, some Dutch, Malay, Cockney words and slang features. The word Nadsat is taken from the Russian particle meaning on/over ten (teen).
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Believe it or not, I just recently finished reading a Clockwork Orange for the first time just recently. I have created a (beta)

booklet Nadsat dictionaryacrobat (US letter sized)

to print when you're reading the book. I will eventually make an HTML version of it as well.

Lost in Translation: An Analysis of the Results of Linguistic Differences in the Film and Novel Adaptations of A Clockwork Orange

An Etymological Dictionary and Distributive Analysis of The NADSAT Language (Acrobat document)

A Clockwork Orange (novel).
If you're interested in Nadsat, definitely get the book. It introduces the language subtely and beautifully, and is actually written in Nadsat as the book progresses.
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A Clockwork Orange (DVD, 1971).
A great film, and a decent adaptation of the book. But the use of the language Nadsat is reduced to several dozen words used as slang.
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A Clockwork Orange (DVD collector's set).

Tons of stuff for the fan of the movie.

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