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single-serving T-shirts!

Free! for making a link to, or just buy one now.


After taking forever to try and print the t-shirt on my own press, I finally got wise and printed it at a professional shop. I have this nice olive green, in large as well as some X-larges in a white or light blue. I'm sorry to say that I'm all out of mediums, and don't have a new print date planned anytime soon.

The design is three-colors on each of both sides of a high-quality, thick, 100% cotton shirt with taped neck and shoulder seams.

How to get your free shirt.

1 Create a link to your favorite page at and use descriptive text in the link. For example:

Print an Italian Phrase Guide for your next trip. Good
The Slickrock Trail is my favorite trail in Moab. Good
Click here for phrase guides. Bad

2 E-mail me the URL of the page with the link and the address to which I should send the shirt. Google must be able to find the page, or the offer is void until the page gets indexed.

3 I will check the page and mark it in my calendar. I will then check it again in a month or two, and, if it's still there, send you your T-shirt! If you are outside the USA, I may charge $5 shipping, depending on the circumstances.

If you are ordering from overseas, or from near Denver, Colorado, please e-mail me at instead of buying with the button above.