German Phrases

Quickly learn essential German phrases for travelling, in easy single-serving doses! Great for beginners!

Each "serving" is composed of:

wallet-sized phrase guides

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4 sections in one printable booklet, with over 100 words and phrases total.

view and hear phrases

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All audio is from native speakers.

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2-3 minute long Mp3 audio file of each section that you can listen to anywhere.
About 30 phrases per section, includes the English.

German is spoken throughout Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein, and a large portion of Switzerland. It is also a common second language in Eastern Europe and northern Italy. You'll understand many words quickly, because its roots are common to English.

My goal is for single-serving to be a one-stop shop for German foreign language needs for tourists, travellers, business-users, self-learners, or anyone with an interest in languages. When you are done looking at the site, download the MP3 Audio file and print the Acrobat Booklet. You can use them together anywhere: at work or home on your computer or on the road with a portable mp3 player. You can even copy the audio to CD or tape and take it with you on your travels. Practice the pronunciation before you travel and then just carry the booklet with you. Look at what's here and use it for travel or learning. If you have any problems or suggestions, please e-mail me.

One of the reasons that I began doing this site, was the difficulty I had using the phoenetic pronunciations given in most phrase guides. The problem is that either one has to learn the international phoenetic alphabet, or guess how the author thinks that someone would pronounce certain letter combinations. I avoid phoenetics and use audio from real native speakers. There is no mistaking how a word should be pronounced. Only knowing a word or phrase is half the battle; you must be able to be understood. Hearing a native pronounce the words is the greatest aid to pronunciation. Practice is the key to learning (as if your parents haven't been telling you that all along). Go to Germany, Austria, Switzerland, or anywhere you can find German speakers and speak! Don't let them speak English with you!

German Language Links

German for Travellers

Deutsche Internet Übungen

University of Oregon has a very complete list of German links at their Yamada language center

German Language course
from BBC languages.

German Language course

Wikipedia has tons of great information on German, including history, grammar, and more has free beginners and advanced courses

Internet Handbook of German Grammar

LearnPlus Deutsch 1

GUT - Interactive Activities for German

Deutsch lernen im Internet

online German courses beginner to advanced.

German Flashcards from flash card exchange

Jancada has a good German phrases foreign language page

Words you'll need to take trains in Germany and the rest of Europe. (available as .pdf only)

Look into the weak beginnings of my own guide to my own Germany.

Online dictionaries:
German Dictionary
German Idioms Dictionary
Austrian German terms
Dictionary of computer terms

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German Phrases

If you need to Learn German Fast, we recommend the German Courses from Languagetrainers. Cities avialable are:

Schau ins Land is a monthly audio and print magazine on a variety of topics delivered on CDs along with accompanying booklets. The format is a little much for beginners, but once you're able to understand some of the language, this is probably one of the best methods of learning, next to having willing native speakers around! In addition to the magazine stories, there is music with the lyrics in the booklets, and a vocabulary section that covers the vocabulary that is used in the articles to better help you understand what you are hearing and reading. Subscribe
- highly recommended

Read Mark Twain's wonderfully sarcastic essay on The Awful German Language.

Deutche Welle has all sorts of German content, but most importantly, they have a great Learning German language section.

Join a German Language Meetup in your town.