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This is the core feature of this site.

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This is a rescue site!

I sold this website in 2010, at the peak of its popularity and traffic, to a company in Texas. They plastered the site with advertising and never updated it nor added new content. The site must have brought them ad earnings, but, over the years, the traffic died, as did the ad revenue. In late 2017 or early 2018, they simply let the domain expire. I contacted them as soon as I noticed they had abandoned it. I was able to get all of the content back, but the domain ( had fully expired, and I was unable to get it back.

I found was available and dumped the content here. I'll be slowly moving the content and updating the site to this new domain.

You CAN'T learn a language here!

There are better places to learn a language. My job is to give you the language tools to survive a quick trip or a first trip to a new country. I place a lot of emphasis on the quality of my recordings and my choice of speakers.

You can also use these phrase guide books to get you started in a new language. But if you want to learn a language, this can only be a starting point. But a damned good one;)

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