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Swedish (Svenska)

bookletThe US letter size acrobat booklet is done.

I've just started working on Swedish. I only have the US letter size booklet finished. I have recorded Linda, but have not yet edited the audio. I'm pretty busy and don't expect to get it done too soon.

I have the beginnings of the four sections started, but without any formatting.
Shopping & Directions

Links:'s Swedish page
Check out Stockholm: In Your Pocket. Their guides are always up-to-date, and quite complete, plus they're cheap. If you don't order one beforehand, they are available at most kiosks in Stockholm.

Jancada has a good Swedish foreign language page

Don't go to the Alternative Swedish Dictionary unless you want to learn the bad side of the Swedish language.

Buy Lonely Planet Sweden. Buy Berlitz Swedish Phrase Book. Buy Say It In Swedish!. Buy Berlitz Swedish-English Dictionary
This is a full size dictionary.