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Buy Dutch: A Complete Course for Beginners.



Print it on A4 (Europeean) sized paper, or on US letter sized paper.
Folding instructions for the booklet: print (acrobat pdf) or view (animated html)
If you are a native Dutch speaker and notice any mistakes, please send me the corrections or additions.

Once the the rest of the Dutch pages are done, I'll need a native speaker of Dutch to record in or near Denver, Colorado. You must speak a reasonably dialect free Dutch. Sex and age are not important, but you must be able to speak loudly and clearly without impediments. If you are interested, please e-mail me at, thanks!

Here are some online Dutch courses, in order of what I thought was best to not as good:
Dutch course, by Languages Made Clear
Introduction to the Dutch language
Integral Dutch Course Jumps right into Dutch, maybe not the best for beginners

Here's another Online Dutch Course that I was just told about. According to the site: "This course aims to give a clear but full account of the Dutch language. Particularly usefull for analytical learners."

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