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bookletThe US letter size acrobat booklet is done.

I finished the US letter size booklet and have recorded a Polish native speaker. I lost my notes that had the speakers name, as well as the others that helped me, but I send out thanks to you! I am very busy now, and it will still be a while before I get the audio edited. If you have any comments or corrections, please e-mail me at, thanks!

Polish Language Links

Polish Language Course

A Course of the Polish Language

Polish Language Course

University of Pittsburgh: Polish Language Website

Jancada has a good foreign language page for Polish phrases

Polish bad words from (warning: porn ads on some pages)

Don't go to the Alternative Polish Dictionary unless you want to learn the bad side of the Polish language.

I have the beginnings of the four sections started, but without any formatting:
Shopping & Directions
They will be formatted someday, and the audio will be added eventually.

Krakow: In Your Pocket. Their guides are always up-to-date, and quite complete, plus they're cheap. If you don't order one beforehand, they are available at most bookstores and kiosks in Cracow. I used and liked it. They also have guides for Gdansk, Warsaw, and Wroclaw
I wrote down some details from my stays in Krakow.