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I have some materials that I can use, but no time to start. I probably won't start Turkish until I get back to DC and can get a hold of my friend Yapraq. Until then, try some of these resources:

Turkish Language Links

Turkish Lessons

Turkce2020 Grammar Vocabulary


Turkish Language Class

Turkish Flashcards from flash card exchange

Jancada has a good foreign language page for Turkish

Turkish bad words from (warning: porn ads on some pages) is a well put together site. The course is a pay course, but there is a pretty thorough set of free trial lessons.

ES English-Turkish dictionary English-Turkish dictionary.

Turkish English Dictionary: Good translator with ability to say turkish words. Has online translator and brief dictionary, divided by categories. Sozluk: Turkish - English Dictionary and Turkish Syllable Extractor.

The Alternative Dictionaries Alternative Turkish Dictionary is the place to go to learn the bad side of the Turkish language.

Elementary Turkish
One of the few beginner level Turkish lesson books available. Use it along with a small dictionary, and try to find someone to help you with the pronunciation, and you'll be on your way to learning Turkish!
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Pocket Turkish Dictionary (Langenscheidt).
I've always found Langenscheidt dictionaries to be more complete than dictionaries several times their size. A dictionary is a must for travellers or learners, and this one is great for both.
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Lonely Planet Turkey
Up-to-date and practical, Lonely Planet guides are the most popular in the world. This is another solid book from Lonely Planet.
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