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Click on the image above to get a printable map of Fruita. Restaurants, hotels, and more are labeled right on the map.

Fruita, Colorado

Fruita is a small place that's experiencing a little boom from mountain biking. It's got great trails in two locations, and is close to trails in Grand Junction. It's also a popular place to stop for a short ride on a Moab trip. The town itself is really small, and most of the places to eat are all within walking distance of each other.

The Fat Tire Festival is the last weekend of April and is quite a bit of fun. Check

There is a coin-op laundry at 404 Highway 6 & 50
Open 8-8, 7 days a week.
If you don't know where that is, see the map.

Over the Edge bike shop (picture on the right)
is right downtown at 202 Aspen Avenue.

In addition to mountain biking and being at the entrance to the Colorado National Monument, Fruita's only other claim to fame is Miracle Mike, the headless chicken! In the 40's, a farmer cut a chicken's head off and the chicken survived, whether it's brain stem was lower than normal or some other reason, it's a true story. It survived for a long time, being feed a liquid diet trough a dropper and touring the US with freak shows. There's even an annual festival, and a movie about Mike called Chickflick, but appearantly you can't buy it.

Road names in western Colorado can look pretty funny to outsiders. Check out the picture of the intersection of 17 1/2 road and K 6/10 road! There are even numbers and letters at mile intervals - anything in between gets a fraction. The numbers start at the Utah-Colorado border. I'm not sure where the lettered streets begin.

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