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I don't know any Lithuanians, so there won't be any content from me in the foreseeable future. If you are Lithuanian, and would like to help, send me an e-mail: info (at) single-serving dot com. I live in Denver, Colorado, USA right now, but can easily work with anyone via email. For the audio recording (which is the very last stage) I would need to come to you, or you would need to be in Denver.

Lithuanian for "I love you":   Tave myliu.

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Here is a little bit of content from in your pocket. They have the best, cheapest, and most up-to-date travel guides to most of Central Europe and the Baltics. That is not an add, that is my personal opinion after having used their guides. Check out their free, downloadable mini-guides to Druskininkai, and Vilnius. If you like them, order the full booklet from them.

Hello:   laba diena
Good morning:   labas rytas
Good evening:   labas vakaras
Good night:   labanakt
Goodbye:   viso gero
See you!:   iki!

How are you?:   kaip sekasi?
Thank you:   aèiû
Sorry/excuse me:   atsipraðau
Please:   praðom

Yes:   taip
No:   ne
What?:   kà?
Who?:   kas?
When?:   kada?
Where?:   kur?
Why?:   kodël?
Cheers!:   á sveikatà!

Where's the toilet?:   kur tualetas?