2: French Introductions

This page corresponds to the 2nd page of the printed booklet

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This page contains audio for each of the phrases in Introductions: the second page of the booklet. There is also a single audio file you can download and listen to that has the English and the French all in one, so that you can listen on the go. I recommend listening to the audio with the booklet in hand!

English French Audio
What is your name? (formal) Comment vous appelez-vous? (formal)
What is your name? (informal) Comment tu t'appelles? (informal)
My name is Thierry. Je m'appelle Thierry.
Pleased (to meet you). Enchanté / Enchantée (both are pronounced the same)
I am 23 years old. J'ai 23 ans.
How old are you? (formal) Quel âge avez-vous? (formal)
How old are you? (informal) Quel âge as-tu? (informal)
Where are you from? (formal) D'où venez vous? (formal)
Where are you from? (informal) D'où tu viens? (informal)
I'm American. (male) Je suis américain (male)
I'm American. (female) Je suis américaine. (female)
No, I'm from Canada. Non, je viens du Canada.
You're English. (male) Vous êtes anglais (male)
You're English. (female) Vous êtes anglaise. (female)
You're Scottish. (male) Tu es écossais (male)
You're Scottish. (female) Tu es écossaise. (female)
She's Australian. Elle est australienne. (m = australien)
He's Irish. Il est irlandais. (f = irlandaise)
We're from New Zealand. (male) Nous sommes néo-zélandais (male)
We're from New Zealand. (female) Nous sommes néo-zélandaise. (female)
They are Welsh. (male) Ils sont gallois. (male)
They are Welsh. (female) Elles sont galloises. (female)
How do you like France? (formal) Aimez-vous la France? (formal)
I like it very much. Je l'aime beaucoup.
Have you ever been to Belgium? Est-ce que vous avez été en Belgique? (formal)
No, never. Non, jamais.
This is my second time in Switzerland. Je suis pour la seconde fois en Suisse.
What do you do? Qu' est-ce que vous faîtes dans la vie? (formal)
I'm a student. Je suis étudiante. (female)
I'm a student. Je suis étudiant (male)
I'm on vacation. Je suis en vacances.
I'm here on business. Je suis là pour raison professionnelle.

Days of the Week

Monday lundi
Tuesday mardi
Wednesday mercredi
Thursday jeudi
Friday vendredi
Saturday samedi
Sunday dimanche

The entire Introductions section is also available as a single audio file to listen to on the go, with or without the booklet.