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single-serving T-shirts!


After taking forever to try and print the t-shirt on my own press, I finally got wise and printed it at a professional shop. I have this gray-green, in large as well as a couple of mediums in white, short and long sleeve, and some X-larges in a baby blue.

The design is three-colors on each of both sides.


Order here, or if you are ordering from overseas, or from within Denver, Colorado, please e-mail me at instead of using this form.


If single serving doesn't satisfy your needs, then consider buying some of these resources. These books are sold in association with

Whether you are travelling to Hungary, learning the language, or almost any other needs, you will need a dictionary. Buy Hippocrene Concise Dictionary if you're on the move. It's a complete dictionary in a small size, ideal for the traveller. Buy Berlitz phrase/cassette . This audio/book pack gives you a quick and convenient way begin learning Hungarian. The 90-minute audio cassette and phrase book provides the conversational skills you'll need to handle a variety of situations while traveling abroad . The color-coded phrase book includes more than 1,200 useful words and phrases, travel tips, a dictionary, and pronunciation guide.
If most of your dictionary needs are at home, rather than for travelling, get a nice big dictionary. They have more words, more information about the words and are better references. I don't have any recommendations here, so just search for a good dictionary.
Or buy the Rough Guide Dictionary / Phrasebook , and you'll only have to carry one book. If you don't need much, most guide books have phrase guides or mini dictionaries in the back. Buy Rough Guide Hungary. I have never used the Rough Guide books, but have read that they include a lot of background and history, sometimes at the expense of a wider variety of info. I think that that is good, it's probably better to have someone filter for you a little bit. I also think that history and background can really help you enjoy a place.
Buy Hungarian: A Complete Course for Beginners (Teach Yourself (Book and Cassette)). I used this book along with private instruction and thought that it was pretty good. I didn't use anything else except what my teacher provided. I didn't learn as much as I would have liked, but that was mostly my fault. Other people don't like this series very well. Perhaps it doesn't do well as sold source, but if you are combining it with something else, it works well. Buy Lonely Planet . My friend is married to a Hungarian and recommends the Lonely Planet guide. He has used it a lot and speaks highly of it. The book has a good section on Budapest, but some have complained that it doesn't cover smaller areas as well. The book includes a language section and glossary.
Buy Hungarian Verbs and Essentials of Grammar . If your not just travelling to Hungary, but really want to learn the language, check this grammar guide out. Buy Culinaria Hungary . This book got rave revues from many. Great recipes and lots of great pictures! Culinaria also discusses the traditions and culture behind the food.
Buy Living Language Fast & Easy. This is similar to this site. It is a book and tape set of around 300 useful phrases. There are occasional quizzes between the phrases. Buy Hungarian: Start Speaking Today (Language 30). This is a complete book and two tape set. There is also a section on customs and behavior.