Basic Phrases

Note: means that audio is not available for that word or phrase.

GoodbyeArrivederci! (formal)
GoodbyeCiao! (informal)
How are you?Come sta? (formal)
 Come stai? (informal)
Very goodMolto bene
Very well thanks, and you?Molto bene, e lei? (formal)
 Molto bene, e tu? (informal)
OK / GoodVa bene or D'accordo
Good dayBuongiorno
Good eveningBuonasera
Good nightBuonanotte
See you laterCi vediamo!
See you tomorrowCi vediamo domani!
PleasePer favore
Thank youGrazie
Thank you very much.Molte grazie.
- or -Grazie mille.
You're welcome.Prego.
It was nothing.Niente.
Excuse me / Sorry!Scusa!
May I?Permesso?
Cheers! (toast)Salute!

Do you speak English?Parla inglese?
A little.Un po'.
I don't speak Italian.Non parlo italiano.
I only speak a little Italian.Parlo solo un po' d'italiano.
I understood.Ho capito.
I don't understand.Non ho capito.
Could you say that again, please?Puoi ripetere, per favore?
Could you please speak more slowly?-
Could you write that down, please?Potrebbe scriverlo, per favore?
My bag was stolen!-
My wallet was stolen!-
My passport was stolen!-
I need a doctor!-
Call the police!-

Italian Phrases

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