Introducing Yourself

Note: means that audio is not available for that word or phrase.

What is your name?- (formal)
 Come ti chiami? (informal)
My name is Simona.Mi chiamo Simona.
Pleased to meet you.Piacere (di conoscerti.)
I am 28 years old.Ho ventiotto anni.
How old are you?- (formal)
 Quanti anni hai? (informal)
Where are you from?- (formal)
 Da dove vieni? (informal)
Are you American?Sei americana? (female)
 Sei americano? (male)
No, I'm Canadian.No, sono canadese.
I'm English.Sono inglese.
She is Scottish.Lei e scozzese.
They are Australian.Loro somo australiani.
We are Irish.Noi siamo irlandesi.
We're from New Zealand.-
They are from Wales.-
How do you like Italy?Ti piace l'Italia? (informal)
I like it very much.Mi piace molto.
Have you ever been to Italy?Sei mai stata prima in Italia? (formal?)
No, never.Mai.
This is my second time.Questa e la mia seconda volta.
What do you do?Cosa fai? (informal)
I'm a student.Sono studentessa (female)
 Sono studente (male)
I'm on vacation.Sono in vacanza.
I'm here on business.-


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